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Remember Who You Are

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You own everything to create the life you want to live. We tend to forget this. That’s why it is important to Remember Who You Are.



We live a spectrum of reflections, showing us where we are in our lives, what we believe and how these beliefs support us.

For me coaching is about empowering people taking steps in their lives that gives them growth and fullfillment. It is like maintenance. Most of all it is my purpose to help you become self empowered in those area’s of your life were it’s needed. If you have gained the insights you were looking for, you can go further experiencing the life you are in. 

As far as I can remember I have coached and teached people from childhood. And myself, I have been coached so many times and I never doubted to look for teachers that could guide me for a period of time. Most of the time, they simply appeared in my life before a new shift in consciousness arises.

Countless books, audio’s, programs, teachings, courses, practices, sessions and so on have given me so much wisdom and knowledge about life and All That Is. I feel that it’s one of my responsibilities to share what I know for those who wants to hear.

Tijn Touber, author of “City Enlightment” once said: “it would be great if one day coaches are not needed anymore”. I love the thought. It’s an interesting thought, for it would mean that everyone would than be enlightened and has remembered who they are.

But the reality now is somewhat different…Could it be that part of this civilisation is collectively holding themselves back from being enlightened?

Lots of people are sleeping, not knowing who they truly are. Still conditioned and stuck in old patterns which cause suffering. But, more and more people become clear conscious of other realities in life and they feel curious about who they really are, acting on it. Along this proces of alignment, they find themselves more in balance with life, creating beautiful things for this world.

One of my favourite new spiritual teachers Bentinho Massaro, shares his vision of having an enlightened civilisation in 2035.

I share that dream and I believe it will come true. In between, I’ll keep coaching and teaching people, contributing to mass enlightenment. It’s why I’m here for.

Welcome transparency!

This is a time of becoming transparent and remembering who you really are.

It’s a good thing to open up. See what has been hidden and clear away what you don’t need anymore. When you blow the dust away, you see what’s been there waiting for you all the time.

As a spiritual life coach I work from a state of unconditional love. Many times I tend to know what is most relevant for you to work on. And, many times I tend to see what you might be hiding from yourself. Everyone does this on a certain level, for as long as we carry fear within us. This information I give you, can be somewhat confronting. But if you truly want to know who you are, you will benefit from an attitude of openness and braveness. Many times clients find themselves overcoming fears and letting go of old patterns.

Any question you have about your life related to self reflection and growth is welcome. Be open to new perspectives and you’ll be doing fine!

Until we meet, Natasha Rachel Numan


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