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Remember Who You Are

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You own everything to create the life you want to live. We tend to forget this. That’s why it is important to Remember Who You Are.



We live a spectrum of reflections, showing us where we are in our lives, what we believe and how these beliefs support us.

I like to make a statement. Coaching is not about “there is something wrong with you”, and now you go to a coach who will fix and heal you. If you think about coaching in that way, you might as well leave this page.

Coaching is about empowering people taking steps in their lives that gives them growth and fulfillment. It is like maintenance. A good coach will not fix things for you. Still people wait far to long before they reach out for a coach to gain insights. They stay in suffering from themes like unworthiness and limited beliefs. They get distracted by all kind of things that keeps them away of being with themselves.

The whole purpose in life, the way I see it, is that we learn to become self empowered and live our dreams free and easy. In that learning part a coach can be relevant. We all can use some insights now and then, at least I do. So having a coach is nothing but normal.


This is a time of self empowerment, becoming transparent and remember yourself who you really are

As a spiritual life coach I am with you. I work from a state of unconditional love, I help you clarifying your life, exploring and experiencing new perspectives which you can integrate into your amazing life. I work with core beliefs, blueprints and perspective rotations.

Every question you have unfolds insights to your next step in life, always related to self reflection and growth. Ask, be open and let’s see what will be given!


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Embrace all of you 

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